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Find out Adriana’s secret for her perfect body

The angel of Victoria’s secret has the most wanted body in the world. Adriana Lima is gorgeous and beautiful and everything she wears looks perfect on her. Just look at her in this simple...


Learn how to be fabulous like Jennifer Aniston

So, let’s learn from Jennifer Aniston. She is gorgeous, fabulous, and always dressed perfectly. She is glowing everywhere she shows up and I bet every woman wants to be like her. Her dress is...


Losing weight without diet

This is healthy way to lose weight without diet. It’s not easy or fast, but it’s the best way. As you all know diets are often bad and give you only short term results....


Drink coffee and watch your weight go away

If you love coffee and sweet things this is the drink for you. It will speed up your metabolism and help you lose some weight. But don’t be misled, this is not a magic...


Who doesn’t like lace?

Lace is cute and beautiful. It fits every occasion. You can wear it at the club, on a fancy dinner or when you are hugging your sweetheart and walking down the beach 🙂 So,...


Three phase diet

This is three phase diet that promises you’ll lose 6kg and 12cm at your waist. It’s low carb and high protein diet and as it says in the title it’s divided in three phases....


Girls night out !!!

If you want to boost your confidence and have fun night with your girls, here are some ideas how to dress to impress!


Spring diet

Spring diet lasts two weeks and you can lose 12-18 pounds. Remember, the more you weight – more and faster you lose, and lower weight means slower weight loss. This is your menu for the...