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Sour milk diet

If you want to lose weight for short period of time, this is the diet for you. The diet lasts seven days and you can lose 4 to 12 pounds (depends of your current...


Green tea with milk

It sounds delicious, and it is. Green tea with milk is healthy and tasty drink that helps you to lose weight. It is easy to prepare it at home because it takes you only 10-15...


Food that will keep you full for longer

If you eat a croissant, burger, pizza or fries with soda, you are going to be full and satisfied, but not for a long time. It will not go long time before you feel...


Seven day diet with fruit and vegetables

This seven day diet is tasty and ideal for the summer. You don’t need any preparations or cooking some special meals. All you have to do is to eat a lot and a lot...


Get ready for work

Work can be fun if you wear your favorite dress. Here are some ideas.


Little black dress

They say every women should have a little black dress in her closet. I have one too. It’s black and it’s too little for me :). Enjoy the gallery!


Warm water with lemon can change your life

Warm water with lemon is one of the healthiest drinks that you can prepare yourself. It is easy and refreshing. Every morning when you wake up, drain ½ lemon in one glass warm water (you...


10 day diet

This is a very strict and short term diet. It is recommended if you want to lose 3-4 kg (6-8 pounds) for a short time. This 10 day diet is mono diet, so you...